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New York Giants and the ban on soft drinks

These days has been news that Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, is considering to ban soft drinks giant, as a measure to prevent obesity. And several associations have already responded that they need is a mayor, not a nanny.

Unfortunately, when the political stakes, proposals and counterproposals are not based on common sense or science, but party interests. But what Bloomberg proposes seems right because, unfortunately, I think a lot of people if you need a babysitter when it comes to nutrition. His proposal could be a way to raise awareness that these cubes are taken regularly crap. A refreshment of the news refers contains almost half a liter of liquid, that is, we would be putting us under his belt about 50 grams of sugar. Specifically shaped fructose corn syrup if you live in New York. The equivalent of ten sugar cubes. So drink it is at least childish. Perhaps even foolish. Not me, they say studies like this that fructose consumption associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The downside of this decision is that probably end as when sodas American schools were eliminated. In that case the same manufacturers allowed to replace their juices, which have little juice are crap and contain the same amount of sugar as soda. Almost certainly in this case how to continue selling their products in one way or another they are also sought.
More evidence that high total cholesterol does not have to be dangerous
As I said previously in other articles and as also detailed in the book "What the science says ... diet" is incessant dripping studies questioning the recommended ranges of total cholesterol still used as a reference in preventive blood analyzes. Normally doctors are cured in health and meet these ranges to the letter, alerting as the value is greater than 200 mg / dl and urging us to change our diet to reduce it. And in the worst case we come to recommend eating less food with cholesterol, which does not usually used only to desbaratarnos diet because dietary cholesterol rarely affects blood cholesterol, as has been demonstrated in numerous studies.

A recent and powerful study reconfirms this mess, "Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study." In this case it has been done in Norway, tracking more than 50,000 people for ten years and has analyzed the total mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality. The conclusions are similar in all cases and clearly indicate that the range and criteria should be modified or even radically rethink.

Specifically, the results indicate that in the case of men, the sections of lower risk (ie safer) is aproximately located between 200 and 230 mg / dl and in women the result is even more radical and contrary to the accepted to date: At higher values ​​of total cholesterol, lower risk. In the next picture you can see a graphical representation of risk in the case of total mortality, extracted from the study itself (in blue for men and red on the
No link between the meat and pancreatic cancer
Again another great review draws conclusions toppling entrenched myths. "Meat and fish consumption and risk of pancreatic cancer - results from the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition," a review of  http://kampung-herbal.com/obat-herbal-asam-urat/ nearly half a million people recruited from ten different countries and observed for years to analyze the possible correlation between meat consumption red, processed meat and pancreatic cancer.

And the meat has emerged unscathed. It has not been found that increased consumption relating to this type of cancer. The most surprising thing is that, unlike in many other studies, found themselves link between cancer and the white meat or poultry.

 Summary of nutritional information for buyers ebook
Enough buyers of the digital version of the book "What the science says ... diet" have given me the trouble to consult the tables of nutritional information on its book reader or ereader. Indeed, ebooks are great for reading, but are not exactly comfortable if we want to consult frequently.

For anyone who has acquired the book in this format, I have compiled all these tables in pdf and any content tip: The food pyramid and a model of weekly menu planning. There are eight pages in pdf, manageable and practical format.

You can get it by asking for an email to loquedicelacienciaparadelgazar (at) gmail.com, with a copy of proof of purchase of the ebook.

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