Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

The Cause Of The Disturbance On A Sewing Machine

When we run a sewing machine, there kitchen set malang are often constraints, it can hinder our work. This time we will discuss the common things that happen on the engine and its causes so that we can figure out how to deal with it.

Engine noise becomes more brisik than usual:
This can be caused by multiple threads or dirt on the rest of the House, or House skoci coils. Moreover, it can also be caused by less lubricating oil.

The needles are often broken.
The needle is broken most often occur on the sewing machine jarumnya holder incorrect/not fitting, twisted Needles needle size is too small, does not correspond to the type of fabric being sewn, and her current fabric sewn.

Yarn often break up

declining quality of yarn.
Thread tension too strong or the associated thread.
incorrect needle holder/not fitting into place
Needle bent or blunt.
the pinhole too small
The needle is too fine for the material sewn.

Stitch jump

Needle bent or blunt.
The needle is too small for the linen.
incorrect needle holder/not fitting into place
Installation of the upper thread is not appropriate.
The thread tension is not appropriate.
skoci position in his house.

The stitching threads lined.

Thread tension too hard.
Prick the stitching is too large.
The yarn is too rigid.

So the article on how to cope with the disorders of the sewing machine, how to care for a good sewing machine can reduce the disruption that may occur.

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