Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Proteins do not harm the kidneys

As the high-protein diets reappear from time to time (especially before the summer), this essential macronutrient has hung a few sambenitos repeated over and over again from the mouth of nutritionists and journalists shortly updated.

One of these litanies is that excess protein can damage the kidneys, but these diets whether we like it or not, the accusation is simply false. The origin of this fallacy is protein restriction to which it is subjected to some people with a particular type of renal dysfunction. Without going into details, it is true that there are cases where some people who have a serious illness kidney are advised to eat low protein, to reduce the work they must do. But that does not mean that someone with normal kidneys should do the same. Also someone with a serious back pain is encouraged to rest and stop for a while their fitness routines and cycling. Does that mean that the fitness and cycling are bad for your back? No, on the contrary.

Anyway, beyond theories, science is little room for debate on this issue. There have been many studies on the subject and has never been observed that proteins adversely affect the kidneys. The most recent was published this week in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, entitled Comparative Effects of Low-Carbohydrate High-Protein Versus Low-Fat Diets on the Kidney, in addition to weight loss and other factors , the renal function of two groups of obese people, one of them with a diet low in protein and one with a high protein, for two years was compared. And nobody had any kidney problems.

So when you play this mantra as an argument to criticize the high protein diets, know who says it is not documented for years. Or maybe I will because I have other hidden agendas.

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