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Antidieta o Carrá. The scam diets dissociated

Dissociated diets are very popular and his followers claim that eating certain food groups separately losing weight. For example, unmixed carbohydrates and proteins in the same intake. The theory has become so popular that there are dozens of books based on it. The Antidieta is one of the most popular and even Rafaella Carra has dissociated his method.

Which they catapulted these ideas were definitely marriage Diamond, the authors of Fit for Life (translated in Spain The Antidieta), which have literally covered with his book. In this link you can see Harvey in a recent interview, a little run down, which says its lack of health not due to lack of efficacy of their methods, but that is seriously affected Vietnam Agent Orange. Well, okay.

His book, The Antidieta.es written in true "Yankee self-help" style, totally full of falsehoods. The Diamond is based on principles extravagant over a hundred years ago by alternative practitioners who thought all medicines are poison. To justify their recommendations to eat foods separated, provide arguments that sloppily mixed different concepts: that if the acidic or basic environment digestion, if the "natural cycles" and preferred times our body to transform food ...

Obviously, neither of these concepts is no modern handbook of physiology, endocrinology and metabolism simply because they are fallacies, ie, true statements that sound scientific but are outrageous. Because no one has ever shown. The explanations given are often riddled with errors and often include the usual verbiage of pseudoscientific language, to give certain cachet to what they say and also to harness the power that always produces put a little fear: that if energy if essences, which if toxic fattening us if the food is rotting in the body rather than digest ... Not to mention the ridiculous examples and analogies that if animals in nature eat much healthier than us (of course, why die kicked by parasites, digestive infections and malnutrition), if there are civilizations that live over a hundred years ...

As expected, the scientific references that include all of these books are very few, if not nil. And there are pitiful. Most are very old, many decades ago and impossible to find anywhere. Usually peripheral issues (eating vegetables, meat), never include any reference rigorous and proven to show that eating foods dissociated serve to lose weight.

Such a study would be very simple to do. It suffices to divide people into two groups and give them to eat the same foods at both, but one of them dissociated and the other not. This is what was done in this study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2000 "Similarweight loss With low-energy food combining or balanced diets", to my knowledge, the only study fairly serious about it, and the result It was as expected: Those who ate dissociated did not obtain any significant advantage over those who did not. The Diamond, despite having made millions, have not promoted any study to solidify his method. They neither never do, of course.

As with most miraculous methods, there are people who try and lose weight in the short term. The famous "works for me". If all "works for me" of all diets worked, redundant, obesity would be gone forever. In this case the initial weight loss is perfectly logical, since in addition to dissociate require restricting enough food: meat, sweets, flour, fat ... And of course, do work well, at least for a while. But not dissociate, of course.

This diet, rather than the group of "miracle diets", is the "diet scam".

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