Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Health is better to walk fast

Walk every day is probably the most universal and repeated by all medical advice. It is the minimum criterion for considering that practice some exercise and, admittedly, many people have assumed as a healthy habit ... but only the weekend. Still much we use the car or other transport usually move in against the recommendations of devoting 30 minutes a day walking.

A very common question is whether the intensity or speed influence their correlation with health. And in the already mentioned on other occasions Copenhagen City Heart Study, which really is a compendium of several research studies, we can find some conclusion about it.

Specifically, in the Intensity versus duration of walking study, impact on mortality: the Copenhagen City Heart Study, concluded that there is a clear correlation between the reduction in mortality from any cause and the intensity with which you walk, reaching a reduced risk in half. However, the correlation with the shorter duration.

So you know what touches: No need to walk more, but his pace.

Does beer fattening? Its high glycemic index
Caloric intake is insufficient to determine whether a food aid slimming or unmeasured. The glycemic or IG index (GI) is a coefficient which provides supplementary and very important information on the subject, since it indicates the ability of a food to raise levels of glucose in the blood (and therefore is widely used in medicine related to diabetes). As explained in the book in detail and in this post summarizes this aspect is closely related to obesity because when our metabolism detected elevated levels of blood glucose, secretes high levels of the hormone insulin, which has many effects side. Among notably increased fat storage.

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