Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

Understanding Driver

Drivers are software that bridges between travel malang juanda the hardware with your computer. For example we want to connect our modem with your laptop. There should be a special driver for connecting a modem so that the modem can be read by laptop.

We analogikan this Driver is a driver. And hardware is the car. Certainly, it is necessary to drive a car the driver specific to that car. Not just any driver can drive all the cars. So, it needs a special driver to be able to drive a car. Now, if the driver of his car matched the car, surely it can walk smoothly. That's roughly the logic of a Drivers:)

Almost similar to the Kernel. But, this Driver is more specific on certain hardware. If the Pendrive in USB to colokin, definitely kebaca by computer because the computer already exists in the driver. If there is not a driver, the Flash can still be read by the Kernel of the operating system.

Well, still confused, too? It's like a driver'S LICENCE. So we can be known by the police, we must show our SIM to police it. Well, if the police were familiar with us, it allows us to police the way fitting there are raids.

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