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Impressive study on fats and cardiovascular disease

Cochrane Collaboration is the most important and powerful scientific initiative in the world to review medical studies and concrete conclusions based on an enormous amount of data. Reference is that all experts, researchers and doctors use as the most reliable of all the existing source. One of its main tasks is to make major revisions of medical studies of specific topics, selecting the most reliable and rigorous studies and analyzing the results with powerful statistical tools.

Well, recently published Cochrane impressive on reducing fats and cardiovascular disease, "Reduced or modified dietary fat for preventative cardiovascular disease", which has no waste. It includes analysis of 48 of the most rigorous studies in recent years, tracking tens of thousands. PubMed is the summary of this link and complete document (over 200 pages!) In this one. And reading the dense and detailed report in its entirety, the main conclusions that I would highlight is the following, depending on the different possible strategies:

Fat reduction

- No clear evidence of lower mortality rates in cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes in low-fat diets.
- Low-fat diets are associated with a modest reduction in weight, body mass index (BMI), total cholesterol and LDL. However, no values ​​vary blood pressure, HDL and triglyceride.
- No clear evidence of fewer cardiovascular events in low-fat diets.

Replacing saturated fats with other "healthier"

- No clear evidence of a lower mortality in the diets replacing saturated fats with others.
- Diets replacing saturated fats with other associated with a modest reduction in total cholesterol and triglycerides. There have changes in the levels of weight, BMI, LDL and HDL ..
- Diets that replace other saturated fats are associated with an increased risk of cancer death.

Reducing saturated fats + substitution by other "healthier"

- No clear evidence of improved mortality rates in cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes diets that combine a reduction of saturated fats and replacing them by other fats.
- Diets that combine a reduction of saturated fats and replacing them by www.kampung-herbal.com  other fats, are associated with a modest reduction in total cholesterol LDL and triglycerides. In contrast, no changes were observed in HDL and BMI.

Furthermore generally

- Diets reduction and / or replacement of saturated fat are associated with a small reduction in the number of total cardiovascular events, but not to any particular event. However, there is no clear evidence to present some improvement in mortality.

The findings do not require further comment. In my opinion, the review authors are even too conservative in their own final conclusions, recommending a reduction in saturated fat, having said quite literally what I wrote above. And in view of the existing scientific evidence, I think we should reconsider whether its demonization over the years has served to something or has backfired. At best, we might be inclined to moderation, but never rejection that we have instilled obsessively.

By the way, this study, the largest to date of the issue, should not be compulsory reading for all physicians, nutritionists and the like?
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