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The Weight of the Nation, review and comments. A missed opportunity

The summary of my views on the documentary The Weight of the Nation, the fashion documentary on obesity, is in the title of the post: a missed opportunity (here are the links to view it). It seems a great shame that so many have dedicated resources to make a documentary over four hours and have been left out many important ideas on weight loss and weight loss. And those that are included have left a bittersweet taste. I wonder what someone with obesity after seeing the view. Would it has become clear what you have to do to lose weight?

The film is well done. I mean, well produced. It shows that have provided resources and the bet was important. Such initiatives are always recommended to see, though not entirely agree with the result. Not that this is entirely my case, but the truth is that I could not tell what I weighed more: If what I liked or what less.

Come on, get wet.

So if I liked

    The testimonies, some impressive. Maybe there was too morbid, but they can help skeptics to appreciate the suffering and problems of people with obesity.
    The health consequences. They show in detail the medical problems that can go as far overweight.
    Awareness of children. Childhood obesity is a major blunder to be avoided at all costs and make clear.
    The optimistic ending. Although they do with styling that other countries do not understand very well for being too American, the last chapter conveys a rather optimistic message.
    It points directly to some of the culprits: Soft drinks, juices, breakfast cereals and hyper-processed foods, supported by unscrupulous marketing.

What he did not like

    Confusion about weight loss solutions. There are few precise instructions and there, especially presented in the second part, are not clear, too focused on psychological aspects, calories and portions.
    Do not fail to teach anything about nutrition and metabolism and especially important not to blame other states, the other refined carbohydrates.
    The contradictions with exercise. Leave several doctors saying that losing weight by exercising is very difficult, but then spend much time trying to convince us that we must do so. Or teach a construction company in which workers move a lot and are very active ... but a lot of them are obese.
    Some topics unfortunate, but thermodynamically certain therapeutically useless: Phrases like "a calorie is a calorie" and "what to do Escomer less and spend more" left over from the worst of the documentary.
    We are told that the NIH (Department of Health) is dedicating 800 million a year in research on obesity, but why not tell what is being achieved? What recent studies say? What advanced and interesting projects are underway?

In short, light and shadow. A nice try, but the mistakes of the past decades are committed. That said, a poorly exploited opportunity.

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